Early in 2004 I decided to get a new truck and take it traveling, first destination Australia. Though I ordered it September and expected delivery in December, the GMC plant decided to make some changes so the delivery got put off until March, 2005. The delay provided lots of time for planning and the discovery on the internet of lots of new features and gadgets that I “needed” or wanted for the truck. By the time the truck arrived I had a garage full of “stuff” to be installed. Ten man-months of work, a mile of wire, and lots of money later, the truck was ready for travel. I took it on a relatively short shake-down cruise to the Sierra Madres in Mexico and climbed some dunes in Nevada. If it couldn’t climb dunes I was going to have rethink my destination.

This site is about the travels of the truck (actually the “star”) and myself, the creator and driver. It is not intended to be a journal or blog but, rather, a way of sharing pictures and some of my experiences with my friends. Information on the truck and the Australia 4x4 magazine article is here. Information on the trailer is here.

Welcome to my travel site

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Note: Since the original publishing of this site, the maps, and there were a lot of them, are gone! Apple quit supporting the iWeb application which I used to create the site. I have started replacing them.